Parking Lot Changes

Our new parking lot adjacent to our current parking lot is ready to be used.  It still needs another layer of stone and it will be paved near the time the new building is completed, but the weight of the construction vehicles would damage the lot if we paved it now.

Temporary striping will be painted on the stone to identify parking stalls and driving directions.  The new parking lot will be similar to the current parking lot as it will be a one-way loop with diagonal parking, both left and right.  It will eventually have two entrance/exit locations, one near the site exit drive close to Hwy 42 and the other near the front of the new building.  The North-west half (back end) of the current parking lot will be permanently closed.

Many things will not change.  Our Site Entrance and Exit from Hwy 42 will remain the same.  The South-east half (nearest Hwy 42) of the current parking lot will be mostly unchanged.   We will continue to use our ‚ÄúDrive-thru canopy,” but the handicapped parking will be moved to the section between the islands in front of the canopy.  Cones will be placed where needed to redirect traffic.

Attached is a sketch showing how we will initially access and use the parking lot and drive pattern with only one entrance/exit.  The dark shaded area is the new parking lot.  A second sketch will be distributed prior to the availability of the second entrance/exit.  We will try to have some people on site to guide you on Sunday morning.

God’s Blessings, Pastor Bill