Red Letter Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Today we begin the “Red Letter Challenge,” a 40-day journey where we will seek to put the words of Jesus (the ones printed in red letters in your Bibles) into practice.  Each day this week I will be sending you a devotion based on 5 principles: Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going.  The devotions this week will simply introduce the 5 principles.  Next week, the devotions will contain words spoken by Jesus and a challenge for the day to put the words into practice.  Today’s devotion is on the principle of “Being.”  I pray that our lives will be changed and our faith will be strengthened over the next 40 days. 


 Scripture: “Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

Many of us are very good at doing things, but we often don’t know how to just be.  Before we do what Jesus asks us to do, we need to be with Him.  The first week of the challenge will be about spending time with God and we will consider different spiritual disciplines that will enable you to connect more closely to Jesus Christ.

A good way to follow Christ and to seek Him first is for our doing to flow out of our being.  Our doing flows out of who we are and who we become when we spend time with Christ. 

I pray that as you spend time with Christ that you will be anxious to start doing what He says and will experience a sense of peace in your life.  Over the first full week of the Challenge you will learn different ways in which you can be with Jesus.

God’s Blessings,
Pastor Bill