Red Letter Challenge – Day 25

October 4 – Day 25

“I was sick and you took care of me.” – Matthew 25:35

There is a story in the Bible about a man who was paralyzed.  The man had four friends who carried him on a mat to see Jesus.  When they got to the house where Jesus was, they saw the whole house was full of people.  Rather than give up, they took their friend all the way to the top of the roof and lowered him through a hole so he could Jesus.  When Jesus saw the faith of the friends He forgave the paralyzed man and healed him.

I don’t know how or why God heals some and not others.  It seems like He heals some who have faith and others who have no faith.  But the friends of the paralyzed man had faith in Jesus and their friend was rewarded because of their faith.  This means that God honors your faith and your commitment to those in need.

Who do you know who is sick?  Who do you know who needs our encouragement?  Being sick is not what we were meant for, so we are looking forward to a time when Jesus promises us no more sickness, disease, death, or even tears.  Jesus promises that all who follow Him will experience this sort of life. 

Challenge: If you know someone who is sick, then visit that person.  Encourage, support, or call him/her.  If you can’t do that, then send a gift or message to someone you know who is sick.  

God’s Blessings,
Pastor Bill

Today’s devotion came from the book, “Red Letter Challenge,” by Zach Zehnder, pages 154-157.